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Many years have passed since the first 123Movies website was created and there are already 4 years since the original site has been shutted down by the government. 123Movies is the most popular online streaming brand ever and anybody must’ve heard about it when trying to watch movies or series for free. It’s closure was not a problem because many other sites with the same name started to appear over night and these days nobody knows anymore who is “the original” 123Movies website.

Some of them are doing a great job and deserve your attention and some of them not, you can choose your favorites. One of the best 123Movies Mirror sites was 123Movies, being opened a short time after the first site was shutted down. 123Movies successfully gained a lot of popularity very fast because it offered high quality content without advertisement, which was a much better offer compared to other free streaming sites and people loved it. Unfortunately, now it’s time to say goodbye to 123Movies because we are going through a rebranding.

123Movies Becomes WatchSeries.Watch

The long-awaited moment has arrived. After a few years of hard work representing the old 123Movies brand, the time has come to dedicate our work in creating a new brand of online movies named WatchSeries. The old website, 123Movies, will still remain online and the content published here will never be deleted, but it will not receive updates anymore because all of our focus is going to WatchSeries website.

We strongly recommend you to access and bookmark WatchSeries, our new website, because there will be all the latest releases from the cinema industry. If you are too attached to 123Movies, you can still come back here everyday and watch your favorite content that is already published on the site. Everything will be available for an indefinite period, just we won’t make as many updates as on Watch Series HD.

PrimeWire Is The Ultimate Streaming Site

This is not just a simple rebranding, we’ve also worked hard to improve a lot the concept of watching movies online and we are constantly trying to offer a better user experience for our visitors who came here for the best movies and tv shows online. This is why we call PrimeWire the ultimate streaming site after implementing a lot of new features compared to other free streaming sites.

PrimeWire comes with the biggest database published on a free site, offering more than 70.000 episodes and 15.000 movies. It’s important to mention the fact that all the content published on PrimeWire benefits of HD quality and also, when necessary, of English subtitles. By necessary we mean content made in a foreign language (other than English). All the movies and series can be viewed for free, without any subscriptions and costs and, of course, without registration because we just want to offer all the content easy for free.

Unlike many other sites, on FMovies we’ve also focused on a News section. It is our blog page where we are publish articles very often. Those articles can be tutorials of how to watch on streaming sites, lists of recommendations with similar sites, packs with the best movies and series you should watch, gossips directly from Hollywood and any other news related to free movies online that you should know about. We really think this is an interesting section of our website and strongly suggest you to access it from time to time to keep updated with the latest news.

This page will be updated occasionally, the last update is on: March 4, 2022.